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American General Life Insurance Company: FAQs 1099 Tax Information

American General Life Insurance Company is required to issue 1099 tax forms when a distribution is made. For detailed information about your 1099 form, please refer to the information printed on the back of the form or consult a qualified tax advisor.

There are many situations which may constitute a distribution under tax law and may consequently require us to issue 1099 tax forms. Some of the more common ones, which may or may not apply to you, are as follows: a cash distribution was made from a life or annuity policy, a change in policy ownership resulted in a taxable gain, interest was paid on dividends or death claim, loan interest was applied to a loan balance, an exchange was made of one insurance policy for another insurance policy, policy lapsed as a result of the loan balance exceeding the cash value in the policy, and a payment was made pursuant to the settlement of a class action lawsuit. 

American General Life Insurance Company and its employees are not qualified to provide tax advice or to tell you what to do with the information shown on your 1099 form. If you have questions regarding your taxes, you should consult a qualified tax or financial advisor.


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